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Posted: 15 September 2021 - 02:52 AM
Topics for an Expository Essay

You could have an upcoming deadline for an expository essay assignment or would want to practice writing such essays for your help me write my essay. We have mentioned a list of expository essay topics to assist you. 


If you are thinking of taking help from an essay writer for your essay, you will still have to give them a topic prompt. So this list of topics will help you choose a topic easily. 

Your Favourite Vacation Place

This topic asks you about your favorite vacation destination. You name the place and tell the reasons because of which it is your favorite place to visit. 

What is True Friendship for You?

In this essay, you will be describing the meaning of true friendship. You will describe the write my paper 
of a true friend or what characteristics you find in people to call them your true friend. 

Effect of Jobs on the Academic Lives of Students

This essay prompt requires you to explain the effects of jobs on student's academic lives. This means how their jobs affect their studies positively or negatively. 

Measures to Curb Global Warming

For this essay prompt, you or your writer from the "write my essay" service will first have to conduct a bit of research. You will have to look for ways and steps that need to be taken to stop global warming. You will then explain them one by one in the essay. 

Describe the Technological Advancements of the Last Decade

This topic again is the one that requires you to research before writing your essay. First, you will find out the technological advancements and their brief descriptions. After that, you will write all the advancements in the form of an essay. 

Explain the Impact of Music on People's Mental Health 

In this topic, you will write about the effects of music on people's mental health. The effects can be positive and negative. They can also be described according to different genres of music. 

Explain the Stages of Child Development

This topic requires you to explain the child's developmental stages like infancy, childhood, teenage, adulthood, and old age. You can describe the physical, psychological and emotional development of the people.


Functioning of the Human Heart

It is a purely scientific topic for students belonging to the field of life sciences. You have to cheap essay writing service the functioning of the heart in the form of a process. 

Explain the Outcomes of World War II

If you are a history, political science, or international relations student, this is just the topic for you. This topic wants you to describe the social, political, economic, and other effects World War II had on the world. 

How COVID-19 Changed Our Lives?

In this essay, you will describe the impact of the pandemic on the world. How it changed our lifestyles and what advantages or disadvantages it had for people all over the world. 

How to Prevent Depression?

For this topic, you can either search the internet or get expert advice on preventing depression. This essay will highlight all possible measures that people can take to prevent depression. 

Describe your Favourite Childhood Memory

This is a simple expository topic that requires you to explain your favorite childhood memory. You will briefly describe the events and focus more on telling why it is so special to you. 

Perks and Drawbacks of Online Education

As a student in times of pandemic, this will be the simplest topic for you. You will be mentioning the advantages of online education first. Then you will describe its limitations. You do not need to conclude whether it is good or bad. You will only mention the perks and drawbacks. 

These topic suggestions will surely help you to write an expository essay yourself. If not, then you can essay writer a topic from this list and assign it to a writer from an essay writing service to do it for you. 


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eDirectHost Website Builder Message Board : General Questions : MY WRITING

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