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eDirectHost Website Builder Message Board : General Questions : How to Write a Strong and Logical Argument
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How to Write a Strong and Logical Argument

Samuel Polo
Posted: 19 July 2022 - 01:57 AM
A logical argument is an essential component of all types of essays. This is also a base for all the theories of our world. Generally, an argument explains how a conclusion was reached while logic is used to represent a consistent argument about the essay writer. It is the science of using reasoning, thinking, proof, or inference. Logic allows us to examine a piece of thought or reasoning to determine if it is valid.  A logical argument is a connected series of well-defined statements. There are three essential components that make an argument logical and powerful. It contains a premise, followed by inference, and a conclusion. A premise defines the evidence that is presented to prove the argument. The inference is one or more statements through which a conclusion is inferred.

A logical argument must have a final statement as a conclusion. The conclusion is confirmed by the truth of the premises. While it is validated through the presentation of inferences. It is the key part of the logical argument. The conclusion directs the readers to understand the background of the whole argument. Due to the importance of a strong argument, an essay writer can be hired to write strong premises.  An argument is presented to write my essay and convince others to make them believe it to be right. Yet a simple argument cannot always win. The art of persuasion is not everyone's gift. Therefore, someone's belief always needs facts from others to back up an argument. Hence an organized structure must be followed to write a stronger logical argument. A logical argument must have the following key ingredients:

An assignment or research paper must have well-stated objectives. This will help in leading the research process in later stages. If a research study lacks a clear focus, then the writer will stay confused throughout the process. It will also make the readers confused about what to expect as a result. Therefore, before presenting the argument, the objectives of the research must be clarified. Premise(s) are the most essential elements of a logical argument. These are the building blocks that lead and convince the audience. Premises are used to write my paper underpin the conclusion. While premises provide evidence to lead the readers to the probable results. There can be a single or multiple conclusions. Yet many premises are required to be presented to support the conclusion. 

To build stronger premises, these two requirements must be fulfilled. First, premises must be supported by other verifiable research studies. This process is also known as the literature review. This review is aimed at finding credible research data to support the main argument. Therefore, the data must be taken from reputed sources such as research journals. Secondly, the evidence provided must be relevant to the desired conclusion. For instance, a writer is making an argument about the market value of a commodity. The evidence must be mentioning some features which increase the market value of that commodity. Thus, it can be concluded that the argument without evidence-backed premises is not valid. A logical argument is always based on logically sound premises. A sense-less premise cannot convince the readers as well as invalidate the research process. For instance, if an argument states:

The above-mentioned premises are not logically sound. Because all people aged 30 will have different hair colors. Therefore, a logical conclusion cannot be inferred from such premises. Since writing logically sound premises is a tricky task. Thus a MyPerfectPaper.netcan also be hired. It is important to remember that not all conclusions are universally acceptable or applicable. Thus, a research study can never claim to have a universal solution for a specific issue. Therefore a researcher must avoid generalizing the research findings as being the only solution for the problem.

For instance, a research study mentions the consumption of alcohol as a remedy for treating the flu. The study might be well researched and logically sound. Yet its applicability would never be universal. There might be some cultural and religious objections to consuming alcohol. Therefore, the researcher must avoid committing fallacies of claiming to be dogmatically true. Another essential element is a logical argument is the presentation of the counter-arguments in the research study. There are always two opposing perceptions regarding the same topic. Therefore, a researcher must also acknowledge the opposing points of view. This activity helps in the validation of the researcher's argument.

After finding studies with opposing points of view, the researcher must also state the responses. These responses are a reply to the counter-arguments with a logically strong argument. The responses must also be supported by evidence from the research studies with the same arguments. In this way, a research paper is considered to have validation. An argument loses its validation if the sentence structure is not sound. Grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes can make or break a piece of writing. Therefore a review process is an essential activity while writing a logical argument. An expert and trained writer can be asked for paper writing service, if you feel your paper is not interesting enough. 
eDirectHost Website Builder Message Board : General Questions : How to Write a Strong and Logical Argument

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