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eDirectHost Website Builder Message Board : General Questions : THE HISTORY OF VALENTINE'S DAY
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Posted: 30 April 2021 - 08:11 AM
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Where does the Valentine tradition comes from? The history of valentine still has a connection with Christian people in the ancient Rome, 3rd century. Roman people always celebrate huge party on February 15th called Lupercalia which had a purpose to serve a Roman God, Lupercus who protect people from bad wolves. One of the festival traditions is when the young man has a chance to say the name of the woman who they like to become his girlfriend.
For the Valentine's Day itself, the legend tells about a Roman priest named Valentine who blessed the marriage of many younger soldiers even the king of Rome Claudius II not allowed that because he worried that the soldiers won't leave their wife to fight for their country. The king executed Valentine because of what he did on February 14th, the night before Lupercalia festival.

Valentine found his true love before he died. He fell in love with a daughter of a prison guard. Before he was executed he left a letter to that woman and thanked her for always accompanying him when he was in prison. Valentine put the following words at the end of the letter: "from your Valentine".

After that he become a holy figure, a saint who represent love and until now the era where the Lupercalia festival and the day when valentine died has become an international event to celebrate love called Valentine's Day.


Hundred years ago in England, the children put make up on Valentine's Day and visit houses from door to door while singing.
Good morning to you, Valentine
Curl your locks as I do mine
Two before and three behind
Good morning to you, Valentine

In Wales, a wood spoon is the most favorite Valentines gift. People craft this wood spoon with heart, key and keyhole image with the meaning "you've unlocked my heart" and give it to their love.
In the mid century, young people should take one name from a big bowl to get his valentine girl and put that name in his arm sleeve for a week.
The young women in some countries can get a dress gift from man who admires her. If she keep that dress and use it, it means she want to marry that man.

Happy Valentine's day, lets show our love in this special day and entire day of our life
eDirectHost Website Builder Message Board : General Questions : THE HISTORY OF VALENTINE'S DAY

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