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eDirectHost Website Builder Message Board : General Questions : Topic: APA Formatted Annotated Bibliography for a Research Paper on Global Warming
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Topic: APA Formatted Annotated Bibliography for a Research Paper on Global Warming

Linda Brown
Posted: 29 July 2021 - 04:00 AM

An annotated bibliography can be understood as a summary of your target source with all the key points precisely highlighted. Writing annotated bibliographies is an important step in research writing. Keeping annotated bibliographies of your sources not only allows you to revisit the central idea of your target source but also adds credibility to your research.

Developing annotations for your target sources is an easy task. But writing annotations can become a tedious task especially if you are running on a tight deadline. Thankfully to ease this trouble there are multiple online essay writing service that offer their services in annotation writing. You can reach out to these platforms and have professionally written and formatted annotations ready in no time.

When it comes to writing annotations, each annotation style varies depending upon the citation style you are using for your document. However, the central content for annotations in every citation style remains the same.

Annotations are precise and to the point. An annotated bibliography for each source ranges from 140-200 words which can be extended to 300 and more, in case of lengthy sources. Because of the limited length, annotations must be structured with precision so that every component is covered within the word limit. For beginners, who are new to writing annotations, you can avail of an writing service to get sample annotations and write my paper. Once you are familiar with how to structure your annotations, you can easily master the skill with limited practice.

Some key components that you need to add in your annotations or identify when you are skimming through sample annotations include:

1) Complete Reference to Your Source

2) Source Credentials (Name of the Author and Source Title)

3) Central Thesis (Main idea/ Significance of the Source)

4) Methodology/Framework used by the Writer. If you are confused ask a writer to write my research paper.

5) Results/ Findings (the conclusion is drawn by the Researcher)

6) Critical Evaluation of the Source

7) Relevancy to your Research

The first and last step is crucial for annotated bibliographies when you write my paper for me. You must provide a complete reference, formatted in your target citation style, at the very top of your annotation. Similarly, you must establish a link between the target source and your research topic to build the credibility of your source. Formatted below is an annotated bibliography example in APA citation style for a research paper on Global warming. Note how the key components are added in a precise manner. As you read through the sample annotation, highlight the key components narrated above.

Terry L. Root, Jeff T. Price, and fellow researchers in their paper titled “Fingerprints of global warming on wild animals and plants” have explored the consequence of global warming on global flora and fauna. In their study, essay writer have explored the global temperature changes over the period and the impact it created on the biodiversity found on planet earth. To verify their hypothesis that temperature change directly impacts the plants and animals of a certain region, they gathered 143 species for their meta-analysis.

The results revealed that there was a direct temperature-related shift or “fingerprint” that existed on the presence of plants and animal species in a certain region. The study also revealed that rising temperatures and other ecological stress will continue to compromise the presence of global biodiversity. The study offers a diversified analysis of multiple species from different parts of the globe to reflect a uniform impact which indicates that global warming is equally impacting every living begin on the planet. Adding this study to my research will help me include conclusive evidence to prove that global warming is a rising concern of present times that must be dealt with accordingly.

Note how the first line of the paragraph includes a half-inch indent to the left. The complete citation added on the top is in bolds with a hanging indent. If you are confused you can take help from write my essay. The whole text is formatted in Times New Roman, size 12 with double-spacing.

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eDirectHost Website Builder Message Board : General Questions : Topic: APA Formatted Annotated Bibliography for a Research Paper on Global Warming

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