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eDirectHost Website Builder Message Board : General Questions : How to Use Information from Multiple Sources in an Essay Writing
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How to Use Information from Multiple Sources in an Essay Writing

Sandra Frida
Posted: 09 September 2021 - 11:55 AM
How to Use Information from Multiple Sources in an Essay Writing

Every essay should incorporate specific facts and supportive evidence that is one of the main rules of academic writing. Students must keep in mind the necessity of presenting quotes and citing all the references properly and the other related work which many end up in plagiarism. When making an in-text quotation, citing the source is not just enough, you writing will look more professional if you introduce the source in the required way.
Every type of essay writer service has its own necessities and peculiarities which are very important to follow if you want your work to be flawless. Academic essays should adhere even more strictly not only to the basic rules, but also introduce properly every source used in your essay paper. It is vital for any academic writer or researcher to know how to quote properly and correctly give proper references or citations. This issue concerns not only high school, college students, but also university graduates who have recently completed their first dissertation. The sources of information fall into several categories: printed material books, articles found in periodical publications, reports from governmental agencies and organizations as well as information from on-line web pages. Many students consider that there are no instructions for citing a source and they do not bother to be more attentive. However, should the research or essay have some scientific character it is absolutely necessary to provide all indications. Otherwise students may fall into plagiarism which leads to a serious academic misconduct.
If you are working on one of your papers related to your studies in a high school, college or university you cannot neglect this issue as it is crucial for an academic success. Even for those who have been writing assignments more than once will find useful advice how to cite sources properly and correctly without any problems in their future essays or reports with ease. Students at every level of education can follow these rules even if they need just the general knowledge of how to present sources in the text properly and accurately. Before we explain how to cite a source correctly, you should know the exact meaning of this term. Generally sources are divided into two main groups: primary and secondary sources . Each of them has its own specific features that also apply to those which were created online. Primary Sources
Primary sources consist of texts or other materials that were originally created by people who took part in the events described. These may be original letters of important historical figures, speeches, diaries etc., records made by scientists during their field research or journalists covering an event, audio-video recordings as well as photographs and films. In order to cite your source properly it is necessary to realize exactly what kind of a primary source it is. At best case scenario if you study history or literature at school or college you will come across a source in the form of a document, which was issued word for word. In most cases this is not the case so it may be challenging to cite correctly a website or newspaper article from an archive online. If you are writing about an event that took place after 1950s, you should know how to deal with primary sources and their acknowledgement when writing your paper. It is recommended to keep all memos related to your work such as articles or reports during research and then use them.
Primary sources can include:
Letters written by people who lived through historical events;
Official documents such as laws, treaties or unpublished government reports;
Newspapers of the period;
Published personal papers (for example, diaries);
Oral histories conducted by historians;
Records of speeches and songs that were popular at the time.
With all these sources you will need to remember when referencing a primary source, it is necessary to provide full bibliographical information. It can be easily achieved if write my essay for me pay attention to dates and any other data while gathering your working materials for research. When using newspaper articles or other online materials which are not entitled with author's name in brackets after being typed they should be put into the text only as citations. If there is no date indicated it means that no one knows when exactly this article was published. They are considered to be secondary sources.
eDirectHost Website Builder Message Board : General Questions : How to Use Information from Multiple Sources in an Essay Writing

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