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Monday, November 30 2015

Quickbar Position / Menu Bar

Easily position a search box, social networking links or your own custom html on the right side of the menu bar. Edit any quickbar item and set the location to the right side of the menu bar. The quickbar entry will appear on the right side of your sites menubar.

NOTE: Depending on the size and number of main menu items on your site, the quickbar entry may not fit within your menu bar.

A new quickbar item has been added to place a logout link in the quickbar.

Advanced CSS Animations

Take your site to the next level with advanced component and scroll animations. For each component, you can setup a default animation. The animations run when the page loads or as the user scrolls down the page. Animations provide an excellent mechanism to draw attention to the most important content on your website.

To setup animations, edit any page. There are two ways to configure animations.

  1. Edit component and click the drop down menu in the title bar of the component editor.

  2. Click the small green box in the right side of the component edit bar. Then click the animations button. To set/preview the animation, select an animation style from the drop down menu.

You can choose from many different styles: slide, fade, zoom, wobble, and many many more. Make sure you use animations wisely. Too many animations on the page can be very distracting.

You can also enable animations for your photo galleries. As a visitor scrolls down the page, gallery images will appear with the animated effect.

NOTE: Most animation styles are supported in the latest versions of Internet Explorer, FireFox and Google Chrome.

Experimental Background Video

Video Background Page (YouTube)

Setup dynamic video content pages with the new background video page. Set a full page YouTube video to play behind your content. To add a video page, click add page and choose the "video bkg" page type from the "No theme graphics" section.

Background Video Component (YouTube)

Easily add any YouTube video as the background for any of your pages. Edit any page, click the add button and choose the background video component from the Design/Accents menu. You can set the video as the full page background or place the video in specific sections of your layout.

The video background features are not supported on tablet/phone devices.

Video Banners (YouTube)

Create a video banner for your site. To setup a video banner, go to the header & images page. Click create new banner style and choose the video banner type. Then, set the YouTube video Id. Once the banner style is setup, you can go to the page properties for your pages and set which pages you want to use the new video banner from the Design tab in page properties.

Templates / Layouts

New layouts and templates have been added. The templates include large photo banner images. Most newer layouts are setup to easily accommodate larger computer screens as well as smaller tablet devices.


New photo banners have been added. It is now easier to setup your website to have a large banner image on the home page and smaller or no banner images on internal website pages. From the header setup choose the option to display smaller banners or no banner on regular website pages.

Mobile Video/Audio

The integrated media player has been upgraded. Video and audio will now work better on mobile and tablet devices.

Blockquotes Text Style

Create stylish call out text with the new integrated block quote style. To use the block quote style with the text editor, click inside a paragraph of text and click the blockquote (indent) icon in the text editor toolbar.

Submenu Icon

Main menu item with subpages will now have a down arrow to the right of the menu text. The down arrow provides a convenient and easy indicator of which menu items contains more pages or a mega menu.

Long Form Page

New menu / logo alignment options have been added. You can now set the menu to be below the logo.

Mobile Enhancements

The responsive automated mobile support has been enhanced to work better on more mobile devices and tablets.

Content Distribution Network CDN

We have upgraded our content distribution network to better optimize the performance of your website.

Misc Updates

  • File upload size has been increased to 200mb
  • Search engine indexing updates to help your site get indexed easier by search engines
  • Blog component - group archive posts by year

Ecommerce Updates

SSL Certificates

For ecommerce, you can now purchase SSL certifcates for your website. With a certificate users will be taken to the secure version of your domain name - https://yourdomain.com. To purchase a certificate, go to the main store admin page and click the SSL certificate option.

Edit Order

To modify an order, view the order in the order manager and click the "Edit Order" button at the bottom of the page. From the order editor, you can adjust the shipping location, shipping price, tax amount as well as set the product item price and count.

Add to Cart Popup Overlay

From the shopping cart settings page, you can now set the action to popup an add to cart overlay in the page instead of going directly to the shopping cart page. To enable this feature, go to the shopping cart settings and set "Add to cart popup overlay" to "add to cart popup overlay (enabled)".

Security Enhancements

We have been upgrading our systems with the latest security patches and preparing for the new PCI certification standards which go into effect next year. The new standards will require that older security protocols are disabled on our systems. Once this change has taken effect, older browsers will no longer be able to connect to our systems in secure mode.

Order Manager - Re-order Feature

Customers can now easily re-order a previous order without having to add all the items back to their carts. To re-order a previous order, a customer can login to an account, view order history, find the order and then use the re-order option.


Subscriptions now include the option to set the renewal billing date.

Custom Checkout Form

The custom checkout form feature has been enhanced to automatically restore the form fields if customers have an error during checkout.

Misc Ecommerce Updates

  • Quantum Gateway added
  • USPS realtime shipping API updates
  • Coupons setup to collect tax on coupon amount
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Sunday, November 09 2014
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Monday, October 14 2013

System Update 4.7, click above for detailed info. on eDirecthost latest website builder features and functions.

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Tuesday, March 05 2013

User interface adjustments

Several minor user interface adjustments have been added. These include hover/rollover effects and counts added to the main editor icons. Ex. The admin home page now displays the number of outstanding orders, number of users/customers as well as your default mailing list size.

Section slider component

With the section slider component, you can setup content sections using the page editor. A section menu is displayed on the left side. when a menu button is clicked the content section associated with the menu button slides into view. Using the page editor you can add any component type into the sections. The section slider works like the tabbed content and accordion components.

Updated text editor

The text editor has been updated. The updated includes many misc enhancements as well as a new style. The text editor is also more optimized for tablets.

The new format option makes it easier to style your text. Click anywhere in a paragraph and set the paragraph/line style (heading 1, heading 2, heading 3, normal). You do not need to highlight text and select a style.

IE 10 multi file upload

Support has been added for multiple file upload on Internet Explorer 10.

Image tools

The image tools have been updated to provide quicker access to resize functions. Standard image sizes have been setup to help adjust images and keep image sizes consistent throughout your website.

The system automatically detects when uploaded images are too large and gives you the option to adjust the size.

Footer columns

With the new footer columns feature you can setup multiple columns in your site footer area. Create up to 5 columns. Easily add text, images, links and social networking icons. To enable the feature, view your website, click settings and then set the number of footer columns.

Simplified design options

The new design page now displays the most commonly used options. There is a link on the left side of the page for more advanced settings.

Site style configuration

The new site styles area provides an quick preview of how all of your site styles look together. Click on a area of the page to select new style options (font, buttons, links, groupboxes, page titles and more).

Font styles

New title/default font combinations have been added. Go to the design area and click the text/styles option.

Font families/selection

Many new fonts have been added to the system. The new font browser makes it easier to view font previews and make font selections. The new default title option makes it easier to create a consistent look throughout your site. You can set the logo builder, menu, groupboxes and titles to use the same setting. When you update your title style to use a new font, all the other areas are set to use the same options.


The new color area includes preset color schemes to choose from and updated color selection/color scheme generator options.

Advanced page background settings

With the advanced page background settings you can choose customize the positioning and alignment of your main site background image. Choose to have a fixed (non scrollable background) or set the background image to always cover the full screen size.

Advanced css

If you are familiar with web design and style sheets (CSS) it is now even easier to make custom adjustments to your website. To access the custom CSS area, go to the main design page, click the advanced button and then click the advanced css link.

Page editor

Move components in and out of groupboxes, column groups and tabs. To move a component into or out of a page section, edit your page. Click the green box to the right of the component edit bar and then click the "move to" drop down menu. Select where you would like to move the component.

In page image tools

When you move your mouse over an image while editing a page, you can click the image tools icon to open the image tools window. Resize and rotate images.

Component alignment changes

The component alignment option has been moved. To align components, click the small green down arrow box above the component. Then click the alignment option.

Misc updates

  • Links list component allows you too use the default menu or submenu style

Ecommerce Updates

This update includes many enhancements in the ecommerce area. These enhancement are designed to make it easier to manage products, provide more ecommerce display options and allow better integration with other systems.

Product edit page updates

The main product edit page has been reworked to be more streamlined. The description, short description and text description are now displayed in tabs. This helps make the page shorter and easier to read. For many cases the short and text descriptions are not needed or used. These fields no longer take up extra space on the page.

The edit product list in the store manager now displays your small product image making it easier to manage your products/see your product entries.

Product images

It is now easier to manage your product images. Set the default sizes for the overview and detail images. Your uploaded images will be sized to match your settings. If you want to adjust the image size, just change the settings and the images will automatically be updated to match your settings.

Product detail tabs

If you have a lot of information about a product you can now display the additional information in tabs that are displayed at the bottom of the product detail page. Create up to 5 custom tabs with additional information about your product.

Dynamic pricing page updates

The pricing page will now update the product price to reflect the price for the currently selected set of options and addons.

Product options

The product option features has been reworked to provide for more flexibility. All of the same option types are available, but it is now easier to edit and organize your options. Use drag/reorder to organize your options list and option values.

Product skus/advanced options

The new advanced options area gives you more control of your option settings and display. When you add an advanced option, more management features will be available for the product. These advanced features enable you to set the image, manage inventory, configure the weight, and modify the price for a set of options.

Inventory tracking for options

With option based inventory tracking, you can track multiple inventory levels for the same product. Ex if you sell tshirts that come in red, blue and green as well as three sizes SM, M, LG - It is now easier to track the inventory for each combination of options.

  • red - SM
  • red - M
  • red - LG
  • blue - SM
  • ...

Inventory import/export

Use the new inventory data options to import and export product inventory levels. This feature also works with SKU based product options.

Shipping weight for options

If you have products with options that change the weight of the product, you can use the advanced setting to set the shipping weight for a set of options.

Change product image based on selected options

The product image on the detail page can now be configured to change based on the selected set of options. Many customers like to see what the product looks like after their option changes have been made. Ex. If you sell tshirts - you can now set the product image to change to the red tshirt when customers select the red tshirt option. Advanced options must be enable to use this feature.

After settings a SKUID for each option set, go to the more images area, upload your images and set the SKUID that is associated with each image.

Color swatch option type

The color swatch option type lets users click a color box to choose the color that they want instead of selecting the color from a drop down menu.

Copy options

Setting up product options is now even easier with the copy option feature. When editing a product, choose the copy option menu and select a product to copy options from an existing product.

Quantity based pricing setup

It is now easier to setup quantity based pricing by using the quantity pricing entry screen. To setup quantity based pricing click the quantity table icon next to the pricing field. Enter the quantity amount and the unit price for that quantity.

Shipping integration

You can now configure your website to integrate with ShipWorks and ShipStation for enhanced shipping management.

Thanks, Support

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Saturday, October 20 2012
We now support pop-up windows within our new website builder software.  To create one just click on the green add button and then select "Design/Layout" and then select "Overlay Window".  You have the option to let the window open on page load or after a certain amount of time.  You can also have it load once per session or everytime.  More options are available, please take a look and let us know if you have any questions.
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