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Thursday, August 26 2010
Mobile web pages are now supported by the eDirectHost website builder.  Just click on the red "page list" button when editing your site.  Then click on "mobile website settings" icon on the top right side of the screen.  In here you can view the different settings of the mobile page and then you can click on "view mobile website" to see what it looks like and to add pages to the mobile interface.  Please comment back with any questions or problems you run into.

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Also don't forget to refer a friend to eDirectHost Website Builder.
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Wednesday, August 25 2010
If you don't have a free google webmaster tools account setup then now is the time to have one setup.  It's free and provide a wealth of information about your website and how it's seen on the internet.  Go here to setup your own free account: /webmasters/ .  Once you have your site setup, don't forget to link your website sitemap to the google tools.  To do this, on eDirectHost, click on the marketing icon on the main admin page and then click on "Generate Sitemap" option under the search engine heading.  It's about the 5th item down and then scroll down to create your sitemap.  you will then take this link and copy/paste it over to google webmaster tools.  let us know if you have any problems setting it up.

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Tuesday, August 24 2010
This blog post is a test to make sure it feeds directly to eDirectHost Twitter & Facebook Account.  This is a very cool feature by twitterfeed.com which will publish any of my blog entries into my Twitter account and Facebook account.  This way I don't have to do the same work 3 times.  Feel free to try it at twitterfeed.com as well.
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Tuesday, August 24 2010
To help your site move up in the search engines it's important to have incoming links to your website from other websites.  One easy way to do that is to comment on this blog entry and list your website.  use some of the tips I provided earlier in the blog to help the link even more.

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Saturday, August 21 2010
If you want to move up in the search engines then you need links pointing to your website.  The links can be from a website as a text link or within facebook or twitter.  Lately it's been shown that social media links are worth more than website links.  So if your a heavy facebook or twitter user then start sending some links back to your website.  Blogs are another way to link back to your website.  If you can include your key word within the link then the link will be worth 10x more.  For instance I can have a link that looks like www.edirecthost.com or I can have a link that looks like "ecommerce website builder", the ecommerce website builder link is worth much more than just the edirecthost link.  So if you want to help your website move up in the search engines, start getting links on other websites, blogs, facebook, twitter or even directory listings.

One good place to start would be to comment on this blog about the article and then add your website link within the comment that links back to your site.  So what are you waiting for, lets start getting your website moving up.

To comment on this blog just click on comments below and a form will open up below that where you can enter your comment.
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Friday, August 20 2010
Version 4.17 was just released by eDirectHost.  Here are some of the things that have been added.

Mobile web pages,
form data/updated form export,
blog customizations,
ecommerce product rewards,
secure forms upgrade
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Friday, August 20 2010
To submit your website for FREE to the search engines, click on the "admin" tab on the very top of your screen.  Then click on the "Marketing" icon on the far right.  In here click on "Search Engine Submission" icon on the bottom right of the screen.  The icon has a big "+" sign on it.  Then below to the right you will see an option to "submit your site", click on this to submit the website.  It does take a few weeks for the search engines to pick you up.
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