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Tuesday, January 04 2011

USPS recently updated their Web Tools service which is used to calculate shipping rates.  Merchants who use the USPS automated rate calculator may have reported issues with rates not calculating on order submitted recently.  This was due the USPS changes.  A update was released today to adjust for the changes made by USPS.  Rates should currently be available and working again.

Please remember that when no rate is available whether it be due to this issue or when the shipper is unavailable to return a rate, the manual shipping/calculated at ship time option will be displayed to the shopper during checkout.  This allows the shopper to place their order and for you to calculate the shipping fee after the order has been placed.  Most merchants can use the Add Charge button on the order details screen to bill additional fees to the credit card on file for the shopper.  The Add Charge button is only available though if this is compatible with your gateway.

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