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Thursday, March 31 2011
The next release includes the following new features and enhancements. It may take a couple of weeks to deploy the update to all customer accounts.

Use the new content slider to setup animated content sections with your own background images and text. Visitors can use arrows or page icons to navigation between slider content sections.

Most newer web browsers now support the ability to download fonts, giving you more control over how your site text looks. Google has setup a font directory allow you to add new fonts to be used for your website page text.

In the text & styles area, you can now choose from a selection of many different font styles from the Google font directory. To choose your additional fonts, click the font drop down and click the more fonts link.

You can choose up to 4 additional fonts to use on your site.

The new sidebar configuration window provides easier access to sidebar minimum width and other options. A new icon has been added to the top sidebar to open up the sidebar settings window. You can set the minimum sidebar width as well as enable/disable sidebars while editing the page. The settings page includes an option to hide sidebars on product detail pages.

More color layout options have been added to the design library. To view more options, go to the design library, find a design and click the color icon to preview the design in many different color schemes.

- Sidebar links mode - expandable tree format
- Sidebar links mode - display categories as section titles
- Option for full path navigation (breadcrumb links on top of all product pages)
- Easier to move products/categories in and out of the hidden products area
- Customize all labels/text for shopping cart and checkout pages
- Configure gift certificate expiration
- Customize css/style for the product sub category and links display

When using Firefox or Google Chrome, you will now be able to multi-select and upload files. This is useful for setting up photo galleries or uploading files via the file manager. The upload form also includes a drop box. You can select files from your computer and drag them to the drop box to automatically upload them to your website.

You can now customize the page head on a per page basic which allows you to setup page specific meta tags.

- content rotator - set the start and end times
- Page title styles - you can use the text based titles for your page titles

The system will now automatically save your current design when you change your layout. Up to 6 backup copies will be kept. This allows customers to reset their design if they accidentally change their layout.

A new default banner setting has been added to make it easier to setup and manage your default site banner. You no longer need to specify a banner width (the width option is still available if you need to use it). The system will automatically generate the banner to the appropriate size. This feature is not available when the flash banner option is enabled.

LAYOUT BUILDER (advanced feature)
Get more control over your design with the new layout builder designs. Customize the backgrounds, margins and padding for different areas of your layout (quickbar, logo, banner, menu bar, content areas, sidebars, footer). This is an advanced feature that requires good knowledge of web design/css.

The live chat system now works on Firefox and Chrome.

WEB DEVELOPER TOOLS (advanced feature)
Use the web developer tools to customize your website. This is an advanced feature that requires good knowledge of web design/css and web programming. To enable the developer tools, go to the design and click the more options link.

- Install custom template templates
- Create custom layouts for products
- Upload your own menu buttons
- Customize your menu styles, photo gallery styles and more.

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Wednesday, March 02 2011


Webmail is the easiest way to access your email from multiple locations. To access your email via webmail browse to http://webmail.edirecthost.com. Enter your email account name and password. More information on webmail.

Email program

You can also use an email program such as Microsoft Outlook to access your email from multiple locations. Email programs by default will download email from our mails systems to your computer. When the emails are downloaded they are removed from the server. To access the email from multiple locations you need to configure your email program to leave emails on the mail server.

The option to leave emails on the mail server is located in the advanced settings area for email account configuration.

More information on email accounts.

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