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Thursday, November 11 2010
We have just finished rolling out our latest release on all sites.  You can read more about it on the right side of the main admin page.  This release includes Updated mobile admin pages, Site editor updates, New social networking options, Page language translation, Blog enhancements, Site under construction and more.
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Thursday, November 04 2010

make your own website   Mobile web pages

More and more internet users are using mobile devices such as the iPhone or Android. This release will include support for adding mobile optimized pages. Customers can create new pages that are designed to work on advanced mobile devices.

The mobile support is not for all mobile devices. It is designed to work with advanced mobile smartphones such as the iPhone and Android based devices that have full HTML support (we are not supporting WAP based phones).

To add mobile pages to your site, go to the page list and click the mobile website button.

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