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Friday, October 05 2012
Site Builder 4.5
We are in the process of finalizing and testing the next system update. This release includes a few system adjustments/component updates and a large number of enhancements in the ecommerce area.  
We do expect that the release roll out to all systems will take a longer than normal for the 4.6 update.
With the section slider component, you can setup content sections using the page editor. A section menu is displayed on the left side. when a menu button is clicked the content section associated with the menu button slides into view. Using the page editor you can add any component type into the sections. The section slider works like the tabbed content and accordion components.
Several minor user interface adjustments have been added. These include hover/rollover effects and counts added to the main editor icons. Ex. The admin home page now displays the number of outstanding orders, number of users/customers as well as your default mailing list size.
We are looking for a few customers that are interested in trying the new ecommerce features and updates. Much of the ecommerce system has been reworked and we are wanting to get feedback from customers before making all the updates generally available. Let us know if you have customers that are interested in getting early access to test the new features.
This update includes many enhancements in the ecommerce area. These enhancement are designed to make it easier to manage products, provide more ecommerce display options and allow better integration with other systems.
Product edit page updates
The main product edit page has been reworked to be more streamlined. The description, short description and text description are now displayed in tabs. This helps make the page shorter and easier to read. For many cases the short and text descriptions are not needed or used by customers. These fields no longer take up extra space on the page.
The edit product list in the store manager now displays your small product image making it easier to manage your products/see your product entries.
Product detail tabs
If you have a lot of information about a product you can now display the additional information in tabs that are displayed at the bottom of the product detail page. Create up to 5 custom tabs with additional information about your product.
Dynamic pricing page updates
The pricing on the product detail page will now dynamically update to reflect the price for the currently selected set of options and addons.
Product options
The product option features has been reworked to provide for more flexibility. All of the same option types are available, but it is now easier to edit and organize your options. Use drag/reorder to organize your options list and option values.
Product skus/advanced options
The new advanced options area gives you more control of your option settings and display. When you add an advanced option, more management features will be available for the product. These advanced features enable you to set the image, manage inventory, configure the weight, and modify the price for a set of options.
Inventory tracking for options
With option based inventory tracking, you can track multiple inventory levels for the same product. Ex if you sell tshirts that come in red, blue and green as well as three sizes SM, M, LG - It is now easier to track the inventory for each combination of options.
red - SM
red - M
red - LG
blue - SM
Inventory import/export
Use the new inventory data options to import and export product inventory levels.  This feature also works with SKU based product options.
Shipping weight for options
If you have products with options that change the weight of the product, you can use the advanced setting to set the shipping weight for a set of options.
Change product image based on selected options
The product image on the detail page can now be configured to change based on the selected set of options. Many customers like to see what the product looks like after their option changes have been made. Ex. If you sell tshirts - you can now set the product image to change to the red tshirt when customers select the red tshirt option. Advanced options must be enable to use this feature.
After settings a SKUID for each option set, go to the more images area, upload your images and set the SKUID that is associated with each image.
Color swatch option type
The color swatch option type lets users click a color box to choose the color that they want instead of selecting the color from a drop down menu.
Copy options
Setting up product options is now even easier with the copy option feature. When editing a product, choose the copy option menu and select a product to copy options from an existing product.
Quantity based pricing setup
It is now easier to setup quantity based pricing by using the quantity pricing entry screen. To setup quantity based pricing click the quantity table icon next to the pricing field. Enter the quantity amount and the unit price for that quantity.
After the next release look for the following updates and enhancements. The 4.6 release will include new layouts and style options to help create a professional/quality website look and feel.
- New layouts
- Many new style options
- Easier design customization
- New components
- Better image management
- Enhanced mobile/tablet support
- Move components in/out of tabs, column and accordion components
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